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Hyperlinx – Automate the tedious

Hyperlinx is the easiest way to hyperlink documents to Relativity.


Developed by icourts, Hyperlinx is ideal for linking Witness Statements, Case Outlines and Interview Plans to material hosted in Relativity.


  • Hyperlink Word document to existing documents in your Relativity workspace
  • Produce the Word document with Relativity Control Number hyperlinked
  • Produce a PDF version of the Word Document for standardisation
  • Option to hyperlink to your Relativity workspace or download the native documents
  • Respects and authenticates against user permissions in your workspace
  • Generates an easy to read report for review and analysis


  • Reduce administration time and cost by automatically adding active hyperlinks to documents
  • Mitigate human error by automatically hyperlinking Control Number in the word document to corresponding document
  • Reduce vulnerabilities in due process and data security by keeping the entire review process within the Relativity environment
  • Flexibility to work offline by exporting hyperlinked primary document and all referenced material
  • Uphold Relativity environment security with built-in user permissions and validation
  • Quickly identify errors with simple to read report

Case Study

Last night Lucy Lawyer, identified a set of highly relevant documents. She has just spent the last 5 hours amending the witness statement, adding an additional 276 references. The Partners meeting to review the case is in 10 minutes. The Partners do not search for documents. They will expect to the document to be fully hyperlinked.


Lucy starts to panic – how can she hyperlink 276 references in 10 minutes?


Hyperlinx, can help – it’s as easy as 1,2,3.


1) Install the Hyperlinx app to your Relativity environment

2) Upload your Word Document with Relativity Control numbers as reference

3) Download a zip file containing the primary document with active hyperlinks and the reference documents


Lucy can also share the hyperlinked witness statement with the rest of the litigation team who can review the reference documents in Relativity.

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