Regulatory Response

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Regulatory Response

When called upon by a Regulator, rapid and accurate compliance is essential in order to avoid sanctions.


We offer comprehensive services to help you identify, preserve, organise and review your data for a swift and adequate response.


We can assist you with regulatory responses including:


ASIC Section 30 notices

ACCC Section 155 notices

EPA remedial notices


Our expert guidance will enable you to respond promptly and with total confidence – leaving you to get on with the essential business.

Mandatory Data Breach Notification

The risks of a data breach is increasing and no business is immune.  A data breach typically results in lost time, money, client relationships & damage to reputation. 


Any organisation subject to the Privacy Act (State Governments, local councils & organisations with turnover greater than $3 million) is bound by mandatory reporting laws in the event of a data breach. Failure to notify the OAIC Commissioner may result in fines of up to $2.1 million. 


A data breach is more than just an inconvenience, it is a major financial burden. 


icourts can alleviate some of that burden.


We can help you manage, respond to & investigate suspected and confirmed data breaches.


Fulfill your regulatory obligations with confidence and minimal business impact.

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ASIC 242

ASIC Production – Information Sheet 242 (INFO 242) 

ASIC released new guidelines, Information Sheet 242, in March 2020 for any person or organisation producing information in connection with investigations or surveillance activities. 


These guidelines set out your obligations when producing documentation, books or any other record of information to AISC. 


Our team has a great depth of experience in producing material to ASIC in accordance with the guidelines including the new INFO 242 guidelines and can help you seamlessly navigate the process. 


Whether your production to ASIC is in response to a notice to produce or voluntary production we can help you remain compliant with the new ASIC protocols. 


For more information on INFO 242 and ASIC production contact us today. 

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