Review, redact & mark up documents

in RelativityOne on the iPad 

With Go, increase the efficiency, flexibility & accuracy of
mobile document review

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What is Go?

Go is an iPad application designed and developed by icourts. Go is an independent application that works with all RelativityOne instances.

Why build Go?

Workplace flexibility is unquestioned in the modern working environment. Large organisations must provide flexible hours and work-from-home arrangements to attract the best and brightest. To meet modern expectations whilst maintaining productivity and a competitive advantage, organisations must invest in products and technology.


Go is designed to fill the void in flexible working tools in the eDiscovery arena. We want to empower reviewers by creating a truly mobile application that utilises the iPad’s Apple pen technology. Go harnesses Apple’s famous user-friendly interface to increase productivity and mobility.

How does Go work?

Go is a native iPad application that interacts with your RelativityOne instance. Go utilises RelativityOne’s Single Sign-On feature, therefore removing “another username and password” scenario. The application displays all the workspaces and documents the user has permission to view.


Go allows users to highlight and redact using an Apple Pen – it is very intuitive. A modern technological twist on traditional paper review methods. All the reviewers’ decisions are synced back to your RelativityOne server automatically.


  • Go’s features can be customised to suit your workflow and users 
  • Secure connection to Relativity via API 
  • Automatic document loading
  • Secure single sign on
  • Syncs to RelativityOne instance to carry over user’s permissions and privacy settings


  • Crucial mark ups can be made anywhere, anytime on an iPad and saved back to Relativity for your team to share. 
  • Go is the quickest way to markup, highlight and redact documents in Relativity – on the go. 
  • Intuitive design using and the Apple pen means Go is so user friendly – even the least tech savvy can master in seconds. 
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