Specialist eDiscovery services

The discovery process combines tight timelines with immense volumes of data, increasing the risk of missed deadlines and a blowout of costs. We help organisations leverage technology to reduce the scope, time and ultimately cost involved in the document review. We focus on building a relationship that will see us as an extended part of your team.

Technical Advisory

As some of the most experienced legal technology analysts in APAC, our team can provide expert advice for every stage of the discovery cycle.

Secure Data Hosting

We provide secure, scalable cloud-based hosting platforms to drive your document review with powerful analytics and AI technology.

Extend Your Team

We become an extension of your team with our flexible delivery options, transparent pricing and relationship-centric approach.

Scalable eDiscovery platforms

The discovery process can identify thousands if not, millions of electronic documents in multiple locations and in various media formats. It is critical to know what you have, where it is and what it all means.


Whether it is a class action, multi-party litigation or tight regulatory response, technology drives efficient matter management and mitigates inherent risks. As a specialist legal technology consultancy, our team has the breadth of experience across industries to advise, design and deploy the best possible solutions for our clients.

Know data faster throughout the EDRM lifecycle

Make informed decisions from the outset by getting to your matter’s crucial documents faster. We help you identify relevant and responsive documents early in the discovery cycle. Reducing the data set to essential documents ensures you don’t waste time and resources processing, hosting and reviewing irrelevant files.


We help you boost your team’s efficiency throughout the entire life of your matter.


Before starting any eDiscovery project, it is important to know what data you need to target first. This includes identifying the key people involved and what data they may hold such as; mail repositories, shared network folders the devices they use such as Laptops and mobile devices. Find out more about our Forensic Investigations services here.

Read more about our Forensic Investigations services.


Once you have identified the key data sources needed to be used as evidence. It is important that steps are taken to preserve this information. This may include steps such as ensuring robust archiving and backup processes are in place, blocking user access to avoid unwanted data changes or deletion or immediate collection of data before changes are able to be made.

Contact us for more information on preserving data with evidential integrity.


Once you have identified the data sources that need to be reviewed, it is important to have this data collected in a forensically safe manner. This will ensure that the structure and properties of the data are maintained, and the chain of custody is traceable and defensible in court.

Read more about our Forensic Collection services.


Now that all your data has been safely collected, we can begin extracting and processing this data into a format that allows us to build a map of the data to further cull the data set. We find only the most relevant information through steps such as; deduplication, targeted date ranges and using keywords and terms to find only what you need.

Contact us for more information on data processing.


Your sanitised and relevant documents are now ready to review in a cloud-based document review platform. Your team can log into the same project anytime, anywhere, to review the documents. Coding decisions, comments, redactions and mark-ups are applied to your document set in real-time, ensuring a single accurate and auditable source of truth. We advise on best practice workflows utilising document batching and QC review. Our eDiscovery platforms support language translation, audio transcription, audiovisual viewer and short message review so your team can review the documents in the correct format with the appropriate context. We also provide regular reports on metrics such as user performance, coding decisions and documents reviewed so you can keep your client fully informed on the overall progress and costs to date.

Read more about our secure cloud hosted eDiscovery platforms.


Advise your client and define the case strategy from the outset by identifying the most important documents early in the process. Using a range of leading analytics features on our eDiscovery platforms, we help you find the most relevant documents for review first. Decipher the meaning in your data faster with AI, machine learning, conceptual analytics, alias identifiers and email threading.

Read more about our secure cloud hosted eDiscovery platforms.


Whether producing to the opposing party, counsel or the court, we take the stress out of production. From the latest automated redaction technology to court bundle QC, we ensure the documents and their contents are disclosed in compliance with the specific protocols of your matter. Production templates reduce manual steps and ensure accuracy when multiple tranches or productions are required.

Read more about our secure cloud hosted eDiscovery platforms.


Whether a virtual arbitration or online hearing to a full-scale in-person courtroom set-up, we provide a full range of services for your evidence presentation. Our ecourt services include preparing court books, arranging printing services, digital evidence presentation and organising remote witness set up.

Read more about our ecourt services.
legal technology

Equipped to process paper and electronic documents, our eDiscovery platforms are geared towards getting the best results.


We work with the latest technology and have some of the most experienced personnel in the marketplace. icourts can design, implement and manage solutions for each client on a case-by-case basis.


Our workflows and systems are continuously tested and tweaked to deliver a high level of consistency and accuracy.


icourts provides services in all Australian capital cities, Asia and New Zealand, we are here to support you as you need us. Our size affords us great flexibility in how we operate and we are easily scalable to accommodate any size of case.

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