Electronic Courtroom on the Road

A Royal Commission watched by the world
australian royal commission

The problem

Our client had a set of complex requirements

1) Hold large-scale electronic hearings onsite with the capacity to effectively present evidence locally & reliably broadcast the proceedings around the world.


2) Conduct roving hearings in a variety of locations from community halls to local courts – all across Australia.


3) An intense hearing schedule – 72 weeks of hearings & 720 separate hearings – requiring rapid electronic courtroom deployment & hyper-efficient court book distribution.


4) Highly sensitive evidence & government level security requirements.


5) Intense international media scrutiny of the entire proceedings so immense pressure for the hearings to run smoothly.


6) High stakes & emotional involvement for all parties & the inquiry– deep-seated need to lead by example & create positive cultural changes.

Our solution

icourts’ specialist ecourt team successfully implemented a variety of ecourt solutions to meet the multifaceted needs of our client

1) Refit & build a bespoke electronic courtroom using leading audio-visual technology, web streaming & technical support.


2) Design a portable ecourt kit weighing over 1.5 tonnes, capable of being transported so it could be moved around the country – then set up and deploy this leading ecourt technology within days at each new location.


3) Manage an online court book repository which provides access to a shared set of documents for the parties & the legal team.


4) All evidence was controlled in a secure digital environment with strict access protocols and adherence to government security classification standards.

royal commissions
australian royal commission

The reward

After utilising icourts expertise during the electronic courtroom design, build & deployment stages – our client significantly reduced the stress involved in such an intensive hearing schedule and was delivered a state of the art, best of breed solution

1) Home-based hearings ran faster & more efficiently after the bespoke ecourt solution was commissioned. The client effectively broadcast the hearings all over the world.


2) The client held formal public hearings in a variety of locations across the country, confident in the knowledge that a fully integrated electronic courtroom would be up & running by the time the legal team, parties & witnesses arrived.


3) The online court book procedure simplified the processes of serving documents upon the other parties & presentation of evidence in a hearing. The simplification reduced the timeline & therefore the costs of the hearings.


4) The client was very confident that all the evidence & documents were securely hosted in a digital environment that was safe from cyber-attack and complied with security requirements.


5) The client’s work was conducted seamlessly and showcased globally allowing its important work to have far-reaching effect.

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