Regulatory and Compliance Services

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Regulatory and Compliance Services

The recommendations of the Banking Royal Commission have brought an end to reactive reporting and compliance in Australia. In its place, there is a new dawn of increased scrutiny and an awareness that the regulatory environment is about to intensify.


Organisations with regulatory, monitoring and surveillance responsibilities are obligated to proactively oversee their industry participants to protect consumers and mitigate risk.


All areas of the financial services industry will be subject to stringent government regulation and monitoring.


Financial institutions




This means financial service providers need to know exactly what is happening, who is participating, and what the potential consequences are – in real time.


How can a large and complex organisation monitor the data produced across every level of the organisation, analyse and identify the risks before any damage occurs?


icourts offer an authentic cognitive AI platform that leverages unique algorithms to turn unstructured, disparate data into meaningful insights to proactively monitor for indicators of problems.


Bespoke models can be built using historic data sets to identify future problems, or our team of data scientists can build an organic bespoke AI model to identify risk of a hypothetical nature that your organisation has been fortunate not to have encountered previously.


Your regulatory and compliance team can extract learnings garnered from historic data which are then applied to “active” data such as chat rooms or email boxes to uncover key facts and hot spots. The regulatory and compliance teams are immediately alerted to potential irregularities -driving significant improvements to breach reporting, mitigating risk across all cost centres, and reducing downstream legal costs.


The icourts’ AI tool uses four key components:


Linguistic intelligence to analyse email and document text analytics

Emotional intelligence to detect sentiment analysis and fraud signals

Behavioural intelligence to conduct anomaly detection and social network analysis

Content classification to understand unsupervised and supervised data.


An authentic AI platform that autonomously uses that intelligence to derive better results over time, will ensure that your organisation not only becomes compliant but remains compliant.


The best investigations are the ones that can be avoided.

Information Governance

In today’s rapidly evolving digital environment, compliance is the top reason driving organisations to bolster information governance.


Our information governance advisory facilitates effective knowledge sharing, increases process efficiency & productivity, helps prevent data loss, and improves storage management through the defensible deletion of data.


We can help you develop a strategic framework for your organisation that keeps stakeholders accountable and aligns to your goals. Maximise the value of your information whilst minimising associated risks and costs. (2)
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