Efficient evidence presentation

Present Evidence Efficiently with ecourts

As the volume of documents presented to the court is growing – the feasibility of paper-based trials is shrinking. We can help you to use technology to efficiently manage your documents for a smooth running hearing.


We help with any size legal hearing from purpose-built to large scale broadcast facilities, such as a Royal Commission to our “ecourt in a box” for arbitration in a community hall.


Reduce time & energy as the need for printing & photocopying is eliminated.


Electronic trials run faster than paper-based equivalents.


Clear & simple presentation of highest quality digital documents on screen.


Reduce risk of confidential documents being seen through private access to the electronic court book.

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Why choose Online Court Books & Appeal Books?

The traditional hard copy Court Book is typically cumbersome & difficult to navigate.


Online court books replace the paper with a document repository that is hosted in the cloud. The online court book is a series of digital documents containing all of the evidence, daily transcripts & legislation.


The online court book also comes with a client workspace that is a private, secure environment for each party to collaborate. Within the environment parties can store documents related to the hearing but not components of the court book.


Documents stored in the court book can be redacted, marked up and categorised with custom metadata. Online search & reporting is available in both the online court book & client workspace.


Shared workspaces are updated in real time so users can always access the latest versions of documents.

Live Web Streaming

Modern proceedings often require the ability to stream the handing down of a judgement or webcast television footage.


icourts offers secure web streaming of HD quality video. Professional grade technology delivers uninterrupted broadcasts streamed over the internet.


We employ the latest video production techniques, including multi-cameras & high definition audio.


Real-time censorship can be applied with visual distortion & audio masking.


Accessible on any device, this cost effective streaming solution can be set up within 24 hours.

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