Doculitix – a cost effective alternative

Doculitix legal review software is exclusively offered as part of icourts’ evidence management hosting solutions.


Developed by lawyers and IT professionals in the Australian market, Doculitix is designed to be a cost-effective alternative to other more expensive document review products, without compromising on core functionality and security.


It provides legal teams with a stable and flexible document review framework that can easily be incorporated into a range of different workflows for reviewing documents.

Launched in April 2010

Used by 40 + law firms

Accommodates case volumes: 2500 to 400 000+ documents

Doculitix – no user licenses

icourts licences Doculitix as a hosted solution (Software as a Service) and charges a flat rate per gigabyte of data (inclusive of user licenses).


This pricing model encourages a broader range of law firms and in-house legal teams to utilise technology. It also makes the use of technology commercially viable to a wider range of cases (big or small).


Doculitix is flexible enough to embed itself into most review workflows.


Each client installation of Doculitix is segregated from all other installations. That is, an installation of Doculitix does not share any of its installed components with any other installation. This allows for easy updating and customisation of a Doculitix to suit customer needs.

Quick & easy set-up

Easy to use interface

Rights managed

Search: meta-data and document text

Fast objective and subjective coding

Create subsets (Lists and Searches)

Front end import and export

Bulk code and update

Standardise data set

Categorise documents

Formulate workflows

Reporting and Stats (Lists and Searches)

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