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Relativity Consulting 

Do you have Relativity in house but suspect you could get more out of it? 


We have extensive experience consulting on the Relativity system and can help your team leverage the full extensibility of the platform. 


We offer Relativity consulting services across a range of areas including: 


  • Workflow processes 
  • Data storage, management and safe deletion 
  • eDiscovery including document review, digital exchange protocols, service and delivery 
  • Infrastructure management and monitoring 
  • Review strategies and early case assessment 
  • Data migration, integration and transformation 
  • Change management and stakeholder engagement 
  • Full service Relativity version upgrade and hotfix patching 


We help you to get the most out of your Relativity instance. 

relativity deployment

Relativity Deployment 

Are you looking to deploy Relativity in-house? 


Migrating to a new eDiscovery platform can be daunting. Planning and managing the safe transfer of data, workspaces, applications and scripts is not always straight forward. 


As a Relativity approved Migration Partner, we have helped many large organisations deploy Relativity in house including New Zealand regulators and State Government agencies. 


We help with every stage of the project including: 


  • Project scoping and planning 
  • Data and workspace audit 
  • Data integration, transformation and migration 
  • Information governance, storage management and defensible deletion of data 
  • Infrastructure design, build and management 
  • Custom application development 
  • Onboard training for your team 
  • On-going support and engagement sessions with your team 


Our extensive experience provides you with a secure, reliable method to cost effectively deploy your instance of Relativity in house. 

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