How do you migrate eDiscovery data to RelativityOne?

relativityone data migration

How do you migrate eDiscovery data to RelativityOne?

Migrating a project to a cloudbased eDiscovery platform like RelativityOne can be daunting. Issues such as data integrity, continuity, and onboarding new users can all create unique challenges.  


When it comes to migrating an entire organisation with multiple stakeholders and cases the challenges multiply.  


We have helped managed many organisations migrate over to RelativityOneand our data migration services are customised to overcome common challenges. Our migration consultants streamline and accelerate the movement of eDiscovery data and infrastructure to the cloud whilst mitigating the risks of major errors or extended down-time. 


Each project must be approached on its own merits and the migration project is adapted to best fit the unique factors.  


There are typically 6 stages to a RelativityOne data migration project. 


1) Relationships and communication 

It is essential to build strong relationships and have openconstructive communication from the outsetWe work collaboratively with the client’s project lead to flesh out skeleton plan for the migration project. It is important to start out with a good understanding of the basicsuch as a regular meeting schedule, key contacts in different teams, who will sign-off on the work, how much involvement the client wants and what they envisage for the migration project. Early consultation helps to define objectives and responsibilities to ensure smooth project completion. 


2) Organisational scoping  

It is critical when migrating an organisation’s data to the cloud to undertake a detailed scoping exercise. This will provide an understanding of the key stakeholders and what priorities exist at each phase for these teams or individuals. This enables the migration consultants to triage and prioritise each part of the project. Understanding case timelines, key dates such as court hearings, and lead times on new projects will minimise system downtime and project disruption.  


3Data and workspace audit, mapping, and transformation 

A data audit provides a comprehensive assessment of a clients current data holdings including database sizedata formats, hierarchies, and relationships. This scoping work provides clearer detail on the requirements and costs involved with the RelativityOne subscription. It also indicates how long the migration project might take. RelativityOne data migrations are performed at the individual workspace level. Each workspace has individual steps in the archive, transfer, and restoration phases.  Workspace count is one of the most important time factors after database size that can increase the length of the migration process. Unique elements to each workspace can affect the calculations of data storage so we need to understand the specific elements of each case – the types of data, how the data was processed, what integrations can affect the data, and how the case has grown. Large databases with file share enabled may increase the timeline of data migration. Similarly, an active case workspace that is frequently updated or used to load and export data may affect the data migration timeline. A thorough data audit will identify any special considerations for individual workspaces to ensure minimal disruption during migration. The data audit will also identify data for transformation including meta-data field compatibility with RelativityOne. At the data transformation stage, legacy data will be manipulated, for example, date formats or redactions within documents to ensure smooth ingestion into RelativityOne. 



4) Workflow transition and RelativityOne customisation 

It is vital to understand how workflows will change on the transition to RelativityOne. For example, imports and exports require the use of the Staging Explorer. RelativityOne is built to facilitate multiple workflows designed by legal teams for specific matter requirements; being built to support customization, case administrators and review managers can self-service their requirements using templates, forms, and rules-based approaches. It is possible to leverage API connections to leverage third-party technologies to execute machine language translation and audio transcription and a raft of other features. Migrating to RelativityOne provides an ideal opportunity to review current workflows and optimise for maximum efficiency by utilising the suite of tools offered by RelativityOne. 



5) Data validation and troubleshooting 

Q&A processes are designed and completed in collaboration with key client stakeholders to validate the recently imported data and workspaces in the RelativityOne platform. As the migration of the entire organisation’s data to RelativityOne occurs at multiple-stages, troubleshooting occurs at each stage of the process. Examining any errors, the severity of the errors, and the need for any escalation will enable us to fix any other future errors before they occur. Documenting the process ensures continuous improvement throughout the duration of the data migration project. 



6) Onboarding, training, and engagement sessions 

An integral part of the onboarding process includes training your team in setting up, configuring, and ultimately using all components of the RelativityOne system. Once the data has migrated into RelativityOne we conduct a call to layout the client’s bespoke training program.  We offer a large variety of free training options to help users excel in RelativityOne, together with on-demand self-service live training, webinars, and self-paced tutorials that provide both in-depth and high-level training to get started. Training covers everything from the initial demonstration within the system, how to review, code, redact, and markup documents through to more technical functions such as data processing, ingestion, and production functions. The live training is presented by our in-house staff experts and is specifically customised for the unique needs of your organisation. 


Choosing a professional RelativityOne Data Migration Services partner to help you with each stage of your transition to RelativityOne will ensure you maximise the value of your subscription and leverage the full capability of the system.  


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