Forensic Technology

Do you know where your digital information is?

Forensic Investigation & Audit

The volume of data and technology continues to grow at a rapid rate. At icourts we are always at the forefront of the technology growth to develop and apply the latest methodology and techniques to help our clients get to the truth sooner.



We assist our clients with:



The forensic collection or preservation of data from digital sources.

Investigations into potential IP theft by employees.

Analysis of digital evidence.

Social media data collection and analysis.

Incident response & data breach management.

Providing expert evidence with IT related issues such as source code comparison in IP dispute matters.



The forensic technology team at icourts is highly experienced in assisting various clients including government agencies and regulators, multinational corporations and legal firms across Australia.



Why not let our forensic experts help you “Know Your Data Faster”?

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forensic technology

Forensic Collection

Preservation of data or evidence is one of the most neglected elements in any litigation or dispute. Often the success of any trial can hinge on the proper execution of a court defensible collection process.



At icourts we assist clients in understanding their data, planning and executing a court defensible collection process which meets their time, cost and legal obligations.



Digital Forensics



The icourts Forensic Technology team can help you uncover, analyse and reconstruct evidence from a variety of digital devices and sources. Whether it be smartphones, computers, servers, social media and cloud stored data, we can assist in reconstructing a timeline from the collected evidence.

Digital Lives of Australians

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Access Cloud Services

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Cyber Security & Data Breaches

Cyber security breaches and attacks are rapidly becoming more prominent and costly. The average cost of a data breach in Australia has grown 32% in the last 5 years, reaching AUD $4.03 million.



We can help you manage, respond to & investigate suspected and confirmed cyber incidents including:


Data breaches

Intellectual property theft

Financial misappropriation

Employee data breach


Mandatory data breach notifications

cyber security framework

Cyber Crime in Australia

Cyber crime is on the rise globally. Data breaches have become the norm & everyone must take steps to defend themselves. Mandatory Data Breach Notification laws provide that all organisations must have a robust cyber security strategy in place to identify & report on data breaches. Our security consultants can help you strengthen your protocols.

Notifiable breaches involved contact details

Notifiable breaches from Health Services, Finance & Insurance sectors

Notifiable breaches resulting from cyber incidents

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