Superannuation and the FAR

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superannuation and the bear

Superannuation and the FAR

Superannuation providers and pension funds with regulatory, monitoring and surveillance responsibilities are obligated to proactively oversee their industry participants to protect consumers and mitigate risk.


In Australia, the Banking Royal Commission brought an end to reactive reporting and compliance.


There will be greater focus on governance standards in the superannuation sector, including the incoming Financial Accountability Regime (FAR) which clarifies obligations and accountability. The roll out of the FAR is imminent.


icourts offer advisory services alongside a cognitive AI platform that leverages unique algorithms to turn unstructured, disparate data into meaningful insights using AI models built from historic data. Alternatively, our data scientists can build custom organic design models from scratch.


We can assist your team to put in place the necessary reporting and monitoring procedures to remain proactively compliant.


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RelativityOne and Information Governance

In today’s rapidly evolving digital business environment, compliance is the top reason driving organisations to bolster information governance.  Information governance describes the activities and technologies that organisations employ to maximise the value of their information while minimising associated risks and costs.


Information Governance facilitates effective knowledge sharing, increases process efficiency & productivity, helps in preventing data loss, and in the management of storage through the defensible deletion of data.


Our experienced consultants can guide your organisation to develop a strategic framework composed of standards, processes, roles and metrics that hold stakeholders accountable to create, organize, secure, maintain, use and dispose of information in ways that align with and contribute to your organization’s goals.


As the only independent partner of RelativityOne in Australia, icourts can securely manage and host your data in the cloud-based platform from global legal technology company, Relativity. icourts becomes one of the first partners in APAC to migrate to the secure SaaS environment exclusively.


Migrating to RelativityOne, the fastest, most secure and extensible version of Relativity, will enable icourts to provide clients with the latest eDiscovery innovations first. icourts moves to RelativityOne knowing it will deliver better business outcomes for clients thanks to the SaaS platform’s improved performance and instant access to the latest features.


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