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The volumes and diversity of electronic data are exponentially expanding. So too is the digital evidence involved in legal work. To remain relevant, organisations must leverage the latest technology to analyse, review and understand that information. Add to this the increasing risk to data security – deciding which eDiscovery platform to use has never been more critical.


At icourts we are committed to providing our clients with the latest eDiscovery innovations in the most secure environment. We are pleased to announce we will migrate all of our Relativity projects to the next generation platform- RelativityOne.


Our clients will enjoy the immediate benefit of improved performance in RelativityOne which is the fastest, most secure and up to date version of Relativity available.


We make the move to RelativityOne believing this will deliver real gains to our clients. We see this step as an accelerator to better business outcomes for our clients. Reducing our reliance on infrastructure, enables us to spend more time on the service areas which really add value for you.


We will have greater focus on our hallmark services – customised solutions in industry specific verticals, tailored advisory and managed services.

RelativityOne Trusted Globally

420% growth over a 12 month period

More than 12,000 work spaces in use

More than 2PB of data under management

Why RelativityOne?



Designed to scale when you need it, RelativityOne provides elastic storage that scales to your needs in real time for a faster user experience.


This means you can access speed and burst resources to tackle large jobs with impressive throughput stats at no extra cost.

Latest Innovation


Our clients will enjoy the benefit of always using the latest version of Relativity. As functionality updates and innovations are pushed out, our clients will be the first to use and benefit from them.


The increased frequency of patching and upgrades are rolled out with minimal downtime.

Most Secure


Supporting our ongoing commitment to ISO 27001 certification – we’ve chosen RelativityOne due to its heightened security posture. RelativityOne data is hosted in a Microsoft Azure Australian data centre meeting more than
70 international & industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO 27001; SOC 2, Type II and Australian IRAP.


Microsoft Azure are approved to manage Unclassified and Protected Data within Australian-owned data centres. Microsoft also invests over $1 billion annually in security products and services so you can be confident that your data is secure in our hands.

icourts Advantage


icourts will continue to build on top of the RelativityOne platform offering intuitive and easy-to-understand dashboards, custom workflows, analytics, and a range of time-saving automation enhancements such as hyperlinking and OCRing.


The icourts RelativityOne is made for you – we couple our breadth of experience with Relativity’s firepower to provide you with amazing eDiscovery outcomes.


We combine design thinking to leverage the full extensibility of the RelativityOne platform to solve your real-world problems delivering
proven, tested and defensible solutions.

RelativityOne Data Migration Services

Migrating to a new eDiscovery platform can be daunting. Planning & managing the safe transfer of data, workspaces, applications and scripts is not always straight forward. Migration to a cloud-based solution typically presents a range of challenges from compliance to continuity.


icourts’ RelativityOne Data Migration Services are uniquely customised to overcome common migration challenges. Specifically designed to streamline and accelerate the movement of eDiscovery infrastructure to the cloud whilst mitigating any unexpected issues that may arise.


Having managed the data migration of three New Zealand regulators and countless projects for law firms and corporations, icourts have the experience necessary to provide you a secure, reliable method to quickly and cost-effectively move your eDiscovery environment to RelativityOne.

RelativityOne Data Migration services include:


  • Migration scoping and planning
  • Data and workspace audit and planning
  • Application and script transfer
  • Data integration and transformation
  • Custom application development
  • Onboarding consultation for your team throughout deployment
  • Continual training and engagement sessions for your team
  • Flexible engagement models from in-house managed services to external burst support


icourts’ data migration services support migration from a suite of platforms including Relativity, SQL back-up, Concordance, Summation, Ringtail, CloudNine LAW, OpenText/Recommind, Clearwell, Caselogistix, Introspect, View Point and Exterro.

Relativity Expert Credentials

We take our Relativity credentials seriously

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