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Whether it is a small insurance file, large complex litigation or tight regulatory response, icourts firmly believes technology should always be utilised.  As a boutique advisory firm, our team has the breadth of experience across industries to advise, design and deploy the best possible solutions for our clients.


From global leading platforms, RelativityOne and Nuix Discover, though to Doculitix; evidence management and review using technology has never been more accessible.

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Commercial Litigation

icourts has a team of experienced evidence analysts to assist with matters of any scale.  Our holistic approach to evidence management includes providing advice on sound forensic data collection and our know data faster approach to processing unstructured data; all the way to deploying advance analytics against improbable outcomes.  Our clients will always interact with the same person who can scope and interpret problems, provide solutions and project manage their matters.


We recognise our clients’ expectations for services that are tailored to their needs, as no two cases are the same.  Our expertise with the platforms we provide, as well as the additional capabilities of our Development Solutions team, means there are no technical issues we cannot resolve.


As new technology is developed, the icourts’ team ensures our expertise is maintained and applied for the benefit of our clients.  We love new technology and strive to stay on top of industry developments and trends, so we remain relevant and the best resource for our clients.   In 2018, icourts was one of the first Relativity providers globally to run a litigation matter using the new Active Learning assisted review developed by Relativity.

Regulatory Responses

Responses can be a stressful event for any organisation.  icourts has the experience to assist in identifying, preserving in place or capturing the relevant systems; as well as process and cull large amounts of data efficiently and accurately.  We have the team to project manage the entire process from start to finish, whilst meeting the technical requirements of all regulators.


In our experience, responses do not have to be a reactive event. With the right systems, understanding and workflow in place, organisations can meaningfully manage their data and meet their regulatory requirements.  icourts is able to be that team for you in a managed services scenario; or we can assist you to build your internal capabilities.


Enforcement Agencies

The icourts evidence management team has successfully assisted three New Zealand government agencies to deploy Relativity as their next generation evidence management platform.  We have an unique understanding of government entities’ requirements when it comes to managing their data.  From security, through to preservation of data utilising best practices workflow; we can assist teams small and large to achieve efficiencies and produce defensible evidence management.


We provide burst capabilities into agencies to assist with technical knowledge and resourcing particularly in peak periods.  Using our unique position, we facilitate the sharing of industry knowledge between agencies to produce the best possible outcomes for each of them.

Royal Commissions

We’ve years of experience providing solutions to Royal Commissions and other public inquiries. The icourts evidence management team is able to complement your team and support you in preparation for or responding to a Royal Commission.


With the knowledge and expertise we have built up over the years assisting different state and Federal Royal Commissions; we are uniquely placed to assist organisations to understand their data holdings and to manage their responses.

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