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Solutions helping enterprises manage information assets, litigation costs & cyber security

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Law Firm

Gain a competitive advantage with our complete suite of litigation support services

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Industry leaders in IAAS solutions for government regulators underpinned by stringent security & confidentiality systems

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End to End Services

We cover the full life-cycle of electronic evidence management – from forensic collection & data processing through to custom developments & etrials. We can provide you with the technical experience your team is looking for.

Forensic Technology


Evidence Management


Development Solutions

Why icourts?

We help our clients respond to litigation, regulatory notices & investigations with flexibility, competence & technical expertise.


As both a law firm & technology consultancy, we are uniquely positioned to deliver proven, tested & defensible solutions. We combine experience with design thinking to deliver solutions to complex undertakings. 


We enable our clients to harness the power of technology to solve real-world problems.

Quality Assured - ISO 9001

Secure & Confidential - ISO 27001

After hours support as needed

Technical Excellence

Agile Design Solutions

Transparency & Accountability

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