Relativity Fest in the eDiscovery Calendar

relativity fest

icourts CEO and Founder, Rebecca Grant on what makes Relativity Fest an important event in the eDiscovery calendar.





I would have to say so far this year it would be the opening keynote firstly the hype in the room is just electrifying and it’s kind of contagious. And it sets you on a path from what you’ve going to do for the next three days to make the most of every piece of information.  


But also the global partner conference as one of Relativity’s authorized partners and channel partners it’s really important for us to understand the future direction for the company so that we can align both where we’re going and get all of our existing kind of clients together pointing in the right direction. 


So the candour and the sort of really forth white kind of direction that we received this year about the next 12 months to five years. Illuminating and exciting we’ve already kind of started hunkering down and planning so not a huge change to what last year was telegraphed but I thought that was that’s probably some of the highlights so far.  


The other things though, its people in the room the people in this hotel that you get for kind of coalesce with. You kind of shoehorn in all these extra meetings because there’s something about when you make someone in person. What you can get done in 15 minutes or 30 minutes so there’s some one third thing amazing benefits of coming to Fest and not to mention we’re all looking forward to Tuesday night.