Matt Lan on Relativity Analytics

relativity analytics

Matt Lan the Director, Evidence Management at icourts explains what makes Relativity Analytics such a powerful tool in Discover. The recently added feature, Active Learning is a ‘game-changer’ in how it can save clients both time and money during the discovery process.





From the day get-go, we sort of started using Relativity analytics straight away because we recognized from the outset the power that it has to help our clients 


In terms of especially the growing size of data and data volume, there’s just no way a traditional linear review was going to cut it anymore and keyword searching is very outdated. 


So that’s why we always want our clients to use you know structured analytics or even just the simple stuff like visual clustering and then lately active learning piece. That’s been, I think, a bit of a game-changer as well because it’s so easy to set up.  


It’s just nothing you have to think about and it immediately creates a benefit for your client for their ultimate client as well and from a cost perspective, from time frame perspective, you’re able to get through so much, so much quicker.