Go for RelativityOne – document review on the iPad

Go for RelativityOne

Discover what inspired the icourts Development Solutions team to create the Innovation Award Winning app, Go for RelativityOne. Go allows lawyers to review, code and redact on the iPad and sync back to RelativityOne.






My name’s Tony I’m the director of Development Services over in icourts. We are based in Sydney Australia


Go is a mobile application that is pretty much eDiscovery on the go. 


Personally I have a lot of friends and colleagues who are working parents. They work from home, they have flexible hours and pretty much they’re always on the go.  


I thought well why can’t we take eDiscovery to the next level?  


Why not allow reviewers to go mobile? 


And so we developed this mobile application where the reviewers can quickly swipe and to do a lot of coding as well as using an Apple pen.  


Very natural being able to highlight and redact and all this information gets it back to RelativityOne. 


If you can imagine a matter that has hundreds of millions of documents it’ll take a lot a lot of time for different practitioners and different reviewers to review. 


I think this app will allow them to speed it up maybe two to three times even more and they don’t need to load up the desktop they can simply put on the iPad and start reviewing straightaway.