Technology is nothing

Technology is Nothing

This article was originally published on   “Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them...

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eDiscovery Australia

eDiscovery Australia

eDiscovery Australia: A current snapshot    Technology has changed the way we do business. It has also changed the volume of information businesses create each year and this is leading to an ever-increasing number of documents involved in...

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regulatory compliance

Data management for regulatory compliance

Data management must be at the core of any organisation’s governance, risk, and compliance strategy. It is impossible to gain insights into performance, threats, or culture without understanding your entity’s...

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The Unique Requirements of Government Clients

Government has the responsibility to ensure regulatory compliance and investigate bad actors. Governments also regularly enact independent investigations, with broad powers to hold hearings and compel evidence in the form...

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relativityone communication analysis

Anti-money laundering breaches investigated with RelativityOne

Financial regulator leverages the analytical power of RelativityOne to investigate claims of anti-money laundering compliance breaches at an international bank.   Scenario  A financial regulator filed proceedings against a bank alleging anti-money laundering breaches involving $50 million...

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Relativityone service partner

icourts Becomes RelativityOne Services Partner

icourts continues to deliver technical excellence and world-leading client services in Relativity's SaaS solution    17 February 2021 – SYDNEY– icourts, legal technology consultancy, today announced it has become a RelativityOne Services Partner as a result of demonstrated success and expertise helping customers...

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relativityone data migration

How do you migrate eDiscovery data to RelativityOne?

Migrating a project to a cloud-based eDiscovery platform like RelativityOne can be daunting. Issues such as data integrity, continuity, and onboarding new users can all create unique challenges.     When it comes to migrating an entire organisation with multiple stakeholders and cases...

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legal tech is here to stay

Legal tech is here to stay

Join icourts consultant, Grace Caristo as she shares some industry insights garnered after 5 months of working with COVID-19 restrictions.     [embed][/embed]   Transcript   My name is Grace and I am here to provide some...

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relativity fest

Relativity Fest in the eDiscovery Calendar

icourts CEO and Founder, Rebecca Grant on what makes Relativity Fest an important event in the eDiscovery calendar.   [embed][/embed]   Transcript   I would have to say so far this year it would be the opening...

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lawyer work from home

Legal technology to facilitate remote working

Join icourts consultant, Grace Christo as she explains how quickly and easily we can have your team working in a secure remote environment.     [embed][/embed]   Transcript   As an eDiscovery service provider, our philosophy at icourts is...

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distributed team

The Distributed Team Model

At icourts, the welfare of our team, clients and the wider community is our main concern. For that reason, since the coronavirus crisis began, we have been working remotely, as a...

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relativity custom applications

Hybrid Strategy to Tackle Common Challenges

Originally published on   Australian-based icourts employs a unique approach to support their clients and help them combat their challenges: the firm takes on dual roles as a solutions provider and...

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